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The Perfect Guns

What makes a gun perfect? There are a few factors that one must consider before purchasing a gun. Not all guns will work for you. Not only does it have to work well, it must gel with your shooting style and your personality too. Even James Bond has his favourites when it came to firearms and ammo. There are many popular choices in the market that can your needs and requirements.

How to choose the right ammo?

* Why do you need a pistol? Is it for your defence or for hunting?

* What is the basic shoot point?

* What is the size that you have in mind?

* Do you intend to carry it around or keep it at home or office?

* What is the chamber caliber that you have in mind?

* Do you want a semi-auto or a revolver?

The purpose of purchasing a pistol is the first and foremost question to answer. Self defence guns are different from what you need if you were aiming for an animal. If you have never used a Glock before, you might have a high point-shoot location ( 6 – 10 inches). Practice can change it all.

The size plays a critical point to consider. Larger guns are said to have more accuracy when compared to the smaller ones. Larger guns have the disadvantage of being harder to conceal. If you are going for a stealth mission, ruger handguns would be ideal. A smaller pistol is ideal when you need to carry it on your person.

The Glock Pistol is more than 30 years old today. It was quite a sensation when first introduced. The fantastic polymer construction along with the safe action trigger were the key selling points of the gun. There are various calibers that have been introduced with the glock. The GLock 17 is still one of the most sold and most appreciated of them all.

Its unique features include strong lightweight frame, minimal maintenance, and its ability to be impervious to oil, water and most solvents. Sold with compatible accessories, it makes for a good buy.

The glock 17 gen 4 accessories include holsters, mag pouches, upgrades and apparels. The ProMag Glock 17 Magazine 17 is one of the most popular ones to make the sale. It is rated at 3 stars. The holster paddle made for the Glock 17 holds the tool in place and enables good portability.

Another question that people ask frequently, is that “is Glock 19 made of steel?

The Glock 19, which is effectively a Glock 17, only smaller; is called as the ‘compact’ by the manufacturer. The frame is made up of high strength polymer that is based on nylon. This plastic increases the durability. It also makes the Glock more resilient than most steel alloys. Steel axis pins hold the trigger and the slide catch.

The finish of the sig sauer 1911 scorpion is that of an alloy frame and stainless steel slide. It is a product that proves that close tolerances can equal complete reliability.