Survivalist Knife

Survivalist Knives Are Your Everything In A Jungle

A Survival knife is exactly how it is pronounced and what it sounds – these are knives that help in your survival at any extremes. There are hundreds of uses and functions of these knives and it is like they travel with us in all the emergencies and necessities. To list a few, they can be used for:

* Self-defense, the major purpose

* Cutting, slicing, skinning

* As a First aid tool

* Hunting and tearing etc…

The list does not end here and it is only a few listed here to explain their versatility. There are many people who do not step a foot outside without these knives strapped to their hips for these can help them in all situations come what may. There are many types of these knives available and it is very important to make a selection from among them taking into consideration few features they promise to offer like:

* Size – size does not denote the size of the knife but of the blade in the knife. Bigger is not better here for smaller blades can effectively finish the job in one go. The situations in a jungle are very wild and you might need these knives for even the smallest of the necessities. In such cases a small blade is definite to extend a helping hand in cutting small tree logs simultaneously serving the bigger needs.

* There are two types of these blades- folding and fixed and among these two fixed ones are more durable and reliable when compared to the folding ones.

Survival knives by your side whether you are serving the border, on a camp or a trip with your family, are capable of turning around situations completely and are capable of changing a dreadful situation into a memorable and adventurous one. Such is the effect of these knives for they can help handle any disaster with ease though at the minimum level. The LMF II from Gerber is one such knives that can serve extremely well in emergency situations where self-defense is of utmost importance and priority. LMF will make good use for hunting too! (Gerber). The LMF knifes – top listed 2017 gives a variety to the customer to choose from the palette and all the listed names are the ones that have been put to test for their efficient working in saving the situation from going from bad to worse.

Kabar BK-2 is in no way less when compared to the above and this is also considered one of the most preferred options for both survival and camping. This knife has been put to use and tested for its efficiency in handling situations of any extreme and they have proved to be one of the best. Among the best tactical knives available the zero tolerance knives are considered one of the finest in today`s market. They are classics and come

with a perfect built with materials that are durable and hold tight and strong in all situations. cheap zero tolerance knifes – ONLINE is one of the best places to buy them.