Solar panels – the clean way to generate energy for homes and industry

The technology of the future:

Have you ever thought what will happen when all the reserves of fossil fuel and other forms of gas is exhausted. Consider the fact that almost all of our industries run only on fuel and that we are so used to having continuous energy in our homes that it will be extremely difficult for us to even live a single day with a power outage.

Scientists world over have been warning that the day is not far away when the above horrific predictions will become a reality. As humans inch closely to the day when we may run out of the basic fuel needs, we have geared up for the challenges of the future by looking for and creating alternate forms of energy.

Needless to say these energies are cleaner and greener and a far cry from the traditional non renewable resources that we are so dependent on right now. One of the alternative ways is the use of Solar panels to absorb the solar energy directly from the sun and it is saved in photovoltaic cells to be used for running the various electrical and electronic appliances at home and in the industries as well.

200 watt solar panel:

One of the easiest ways to generate solar energy is by setting up a solar panel with a capacity of generating 200 watts of usable energy. The total energy output is of 12V considering that there is a nominal voltage output.

The cell efficiency is pegged at 18.8% to be precise. The panel is then connected with MC4 connectors to the solar panel and it is so easy to install. The frame is made of light weight aluminum and the glass is temper proofed and weather proofed to even endure the harshest of weather conditions. The panel is also quite cheap to procure from the market directly and can also be bought online.

Sun powered generators near me:

Okay, so a neighbor uses this solar generator which is now an envy of the neighborhood. Besides being extremely efficient, there is absolutely no noise coming from their home and best of all is there are no dangerous fumes affecting their own lungs but even the environment in general.

The neighborhood is so impressed with them and the technology that we are in the process of consulting with a company to enable our homes too with these generators!

What are the qualities of the best portable solar generator?

The generator has to be

1. Portable;

2. Easy to install;

3. Non expensive;

4. The spare parts must be easy to procure and repair;

5. The installation must not take too long;

6. The maintenance must be easy;

7. The generator must be durable and weather proof in all climates.

The efficiency of this technology for home power generation:

For our own living spaces, this technology is so important and apt that even if we consider using this clean source of energy for one third of our energy consumption, not only will we make a big positive difference in our total energy audit but make a world of difference to the better environment for our progeny.