Loss of Hope in the Mahdi


God Almighty will send the Mahdi after despair has reached the point that people will say, "There is no Mahdi." (Narrated by Nu'aym ibn Hammad)


This hadith informs us that one sign of the End Times is the people's despair of the Mahdi's coming. The prevalence of this despair is also a sign of the coming of the the Prophet Jesus (pbuh).

People who struggle with war, starvation, injustice, epidemics, and all forms of depravity in the End Times lose their hope that such disasters will ever end. Many Muslims, on the other hand, start to despair that Islamic morality will ever prevail and believe that evil will spread even further.

Indeed in our day, we frequently see the examples of this spirit. Despite the existence of countless hadiths about the Mahdi's coming, the return of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) to Earth and the Golden Age marked with great blessings, many people believe that such a period will never come. This assumption is also a sign of the End Times. In a time of despair, people will enjoy the benefits of the prevalence of the morality of the Qurían, thanks to God's mercy on people. The fact is however, by Godís Will, the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will return back to the world and the genuine morality of the religion will pervade all over the world. Just as how the world was filled with violence and injustice, after him, by Our Lordís Will, it will abound with justice, peace, security and blessings.