Commercial & RecreationalUse of Drones

There are many commercial uses for Drones. They are used for flying in the yards outside the house for fun. They are also used to fly in the wide radius for taking photos and videos. Some of the drones are good for fun activities like flipping & twisting. These low-end drones are usually used by the beginners are kids in the age range of 8 to 10 yrs.

Recreational Use of Drone:

Drones can be used for hobbies like capturing pictures of birds, a scenic view is considered recreational. If we sell these videos or images for profit then the same recreational use might be considered as the commercial purpose. There is minor difference between recreational and commercial use. As long as it’s used for personal enjoyment the drone use remains as the recreational use.

But when the same drone is used in connection with any of the commercial or business use, then they are no longer considered recreational. There are cheap and fast drones – CLICK HERE to get the list of drones that are used for recreational use.

Commercial Uses of Drone:

Any drone that is used in connection with any kind of business is the commercial use. This covers the large number of activities related to the commercial use. Anything that is profitable with the use of drone is referred as commercial use.

Some of commercial uses are if we profit by filming an event like beach side weddings, capturing any outdoor events, capturing photos for sale, delivering provisions or any items. And also the activities that involve the inspection of development of a project, safety inspection, surveying of land etc. For e.g. the best priced Syma X5c – comparison to other drones with HD camera is easy to operate and at the same time can capture high quality pictures.

What makes the Drone Commercial?

Simply said, just the use of the drone will make all the difference between the commercial and the recreational use. For e.g the Best review of: UDI 818a – Quadcopter drone will suggest buying this drone for bird’s view kind of pictures and videos for recreational purposes. The picture quality is compromised as the camera is very small. But when the same drone is used to do inspect the land in connection to one’s business, then it’s no longer a recreational drone.

But some of the drones are purely designed for the commercial use. The holy drones: Stone Quadcopter is the quadcopter designed with High quality Cameras which are used to take high quality pictures, picture to capture the very minute details that enhances the

pictures quality. These quadcopters can be used for both commercial and recreational uses.

Best choices for the Commercial Use of Drone:

There are also other choice of drones that makes it excellent for the commercial use. They are DJI Phantom, Hubsan series and a lot more drones that come with good stability, high definition cameras and good control tools with various hi-end technologies. The main reason for having regulation on commercial use of drone is to ensure safety and privacy of the people.