Hover Board

The Fun-filled Hover Board for Kids

Hover Boards are not substitutes for vehicles like car, bus or a bike. One cannot commute more than a couple of miles with the hoverboards like we do with other vehicles. Hoverboards have a limited speed and moving fast is not possible with them. But they are fun to ride, especially for youngsters. Getting used to the hoverboards might be a little tough at first, but once trained, the self balancing board for kids is great fun Just like that!

Are they toys?

Yes, they are. Hoverboards are toys and fun to ride. But, they do have restrictions. The law of the jurisdiction might not permit to ride them in public. So, when you want to have fun, then know the law of the place. If you are fine, then get the best fun toy for kids from Swagtron.

The Best Pick

For most of the people, the Swagtron is the best hoverboard because it is UL-certified, least expensive and is available widely across the country. UL Certification means that it is safe to ride on the hoverboard and is perfectly safe for kids. Swagtron hoverboards are very easy to operate. The batteries are fire-proof and the chambers are made of aluminium. This has been designed so that any potential fire can be contained in case of battery failure. No wonder it has passed 19 UL tests.

Other than the UL tests, there were also many subjective tests made to evaluate the quality of the vehicle. Many users have found that the hoverboard showed no difference in performance when compared to the expensive ones. The ride, the comfort, the performance and the behaviour of the hoverboard was good, at an affordable price.

Swagtron hoverboards are also available in several colours so that your kids can chose their favourite colour of their choice. The pink hoverboard is cool for girls (cheaply priced). The weight of the hoverboard is around 22 pounds and the speed is 7 to 12 miles depending on the surface where you ride. The best thing about this toy is that it can support any person weighing between 44 to 220 pounds.

Another best pick is the Swagtron scooter. The best fun toy for kids: Swagtron Scooter is an exciting one and reaching destinations with it is very easy. It is an eco-friendly scooter and is motorized. The 250-watt motor, carbon fiber folding frame, Backlit LED display, LED headlight and the UL certified battery revolutionize the way you look at transportation. Zip to school with this Swagtron scooter.

Protecting the Body of Hoverboards

When kids start practising to ride a hoverboard, there certainly would be scratches and dents in the vehicle. A good durable skin for the hoverboard will protect it from the scratches and dents. There are also skins available with anti-slip properties for better grip. Other than the above benefits, they are also water resistant and protect the board from getting wet and getting corroded.

Want to be in the “Go Green” club? Buy a green hoverboard from Segway or get the best green hoverboard skins for your hoverboard.