SLR and DSLR cameras – The Pentax Review

The Official website is one of the better sites on the internet that will tell you all that you need to know about cameras. A camera is a big investment. Care must be taken before making heavy purchases such as SLR and DSLR cameras. Reading reviews and details about photography help deciding which brand and which model to purchase.

Pentax K1 review

The Pentax K1 is the first ever full frame DSLR offered by Ricoh. The designs are brilliant, the features, plenty. It provides images of great quality. The body of the camera is solid and weather-proof.


* Excellent quality images

* Great ergonomics

* Quality builds on the body

* Good performance

* Fast AF

* Works well under low light circumstances

* Wide range of sensitivity

* Bright viewfinder

* Inbuilt Wi-Fi and GPS


* The flash strobe is not inbuilt

* It is on the heavier side

* Start up is slow

* The battery life is not up to the mark

This camera is affordable and comfortable for usage. Being dust proof and weather proof, it is a good choice for purchase.

Pentax K3 review

The Pentax K3 has been receiving fairly good reviews so far. The anti-aliasing simulator is one of its most interesting features. This has a positive effect on the resolution. The other features include 24.4 mp, 3.2 inch LCD, dual SD card slots and ports for headphones and microphones. It also has a USB 3.0 support.


* Image quality is top-notch

* Compact body

* Good ergonomics

* Sensitivity range is broad

* Viewfinder and large and bright

* Dual card slots

* Optional Wi-Fi remote control

* Unique on-demand low-pass filtering


* The AE lock button is not located in a convenient spot

* The battery life is below average

* The battery grip accessories that are required for this model is different from the previous ones

* It has less 3rd party support when compared to some rivals

This model lets you choose between ultimate resolution and resistance to moiré. The shutter life of this model is double that of the predecessor. The image stabilization is improved. It has attracted attention because of its mechanical alternative to the optical low pass filter. The K3 series has proven to be a good upgrade and worth every penny.

Pentax Ks2 Review

This camera is an entry level camera which has yet to prove its worth. It has the following features

* 20-megapixel APS-C sensor

* Anti-shake OIS system

* ISO 100-51200


* Weather proof in nature

* In-body optical image stabilizing feature

* World class viewfinder

* Great ergonomics

* Intuitive twin controls dials

* Sharp images with clear details captured

* Decent burst speed

* ISO noise reduction


* Handgrip is fairly small

* Sluggish start up

* Options for movie mode are limited

* Slow WIFI transfer speeds

* Not a great battery

This model breaks new grounds when it comes to innovation. It forms several records making it an upcoming product that can be looked forward to.