Our Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) highlighted this Sura
The Surat Al-Kahf contains signs and secrets about the endtimes
The Surat Al-Kahf tells about the extraordinary situation of the People of the Cave
The Surat Al-Kahf contains important clues about the signs of Doomsday
The story about the Prophets Musa and Al-Khidr
The Surat Al-Kahf gives vital information about the Prophet Dhu'i-Qarnayn
The numerical values (EBCED) in some of the verses in the surat Al-Kahf point to times very close to our own day


Stories in the Qur’an about past tribes serve as a guide to people from every walk of life. The lives of the prophets, their proclamations to their tribes, and their practices all act as examples to believers. Moreover, the Qur’an offers people signs about the future as well as some secrets that believers must meditate on. The Surat al-Kahf is one of these.

The Surat al-Kahf (Cave) was underlined by our Prophet Mohammed as well as many Islamic theologians. The stories in this sura include many secrets about highly knowledgeable people, including the Prophet Dhu’l-Qarnayn, and signs concerning the endtimes. There are many stories about the deeds and sayings of our Prophet Mohammed that point to the link between the Surat al-Kahf and the endtimes. Three of them are as follows:

"Whoever among you reaches Dajjal (Dadjdjal, the Evil Center), he should read far back and deeply into the Surat al-Kahf. The end of this sura will be your salvation from Dajjal."

(Abu Dawud)

 .".. whoever suffers the tribulations of Hell (Dajjal), he should plea to God for help and read the first verses of the Surat al-Kahf so that, as happened to Abraham, the fires will act as a cool balm and will provide safety."
(Sünen-i Ibni Mace)

.".. Whoever is tested and tempted by Dajjal's fire, he should plea for God's aid and read the first verses of the Surat al-Kahf. This way Dajjal's fire will be as a cool balm and will provide safety."
(Death-Doomsday-the Afterlife and Signs of the Endtimes, Imam Sa'rani, Bedir Publications, p. 494)