Commercial & RecreationalUse of Drones

There are many commercial uses for Drones. They are used for flying in the yards outside the house for fun. They are also used to fly in the wide radius for taking photos and videos. Some of the drones are good for fun activities like flipping & twisting. These low-end drones are usually used by the beginners are kids in the age range of 8 to 10 yrs.

Recreational Use of Drone:

Drones can be used for hobbies like capturing pictures of birds, a scenic view is considered recreational. If we sell these videos or images for profit then the same recreational use might be considered as the commercial purpose. There is minor difference between recreational and commercial use. As long as it’s used for personal enjoyment the drone use remains as the recreational use.

But when the same drone is used in connection with any of the commercial or business use, then they are no longer considered recreational. There are cheap and fast drones – CLICK HERE to get the list of drones that are used for recreational use.

Commercial Uses of Drone:

Any drone that is used in connection with any kind of business is the commercial use. This covers the large number of activities related to the commercial use. Anything that is profitable with the use of drone is referred as commercial use.

Some of commercial uses are if we profit by filming an event like beach side weddings, capturing any outdoor events, capturing photos for sale, delivering provisions or any items. And also the activities that involve the inspection of development of a project, safety inspection, surveying of land etc. For e.g. the best priced Syma X5c – comparison to other drones with HD camera is easy to operate and at the same time can capture high quality pictures.

What makes the Drone Commercial?

Simply said, just the use of the drone will make all the difference between the commercial and the recreational use. For e.g the Best review of: UDI 818a – Quadcopter drone will suggest buying this drone for bird’s view kind of pictures and videos for recreational purposes. The picture quality is compromised as the camera is very small. But when the same drone is used to do inspect the land in connection to one’s business, then it’s no longer a recreational drone.

But some of the drones are purely designed for the commercial use. The holy drones: Stone Quadcopter is the quadcopter designed with High quality Cameras which are used to take high quality pictures, picture to capture the very minute details that enhances the

pictures quality. These quadcopters can be used for both commercial and recreational uses.

Best choices for the Commercial Use of Drone:

There are also other choice of drones that makes it excellent for the commercial use. They are DJI Phantom, Hubsan series and a lot more drones that come with good stability, high definition cameras and good control tools with various hi-end technologies. The main reason for having regulation on commercial use of drone is to ensure safety and privacy of the people.

Hover Board

The Fun-filled Hover Board for Kids

Hover Boards are not substitutes for vehicles like car, bus or a bike. One cannot commute more than a couple of miles with the hoverboards like we do with other vehicles. Hoverboards have a limited speed and moving fast is not possible with them. But they are fun to ride, especially for youngsters. Getting used to the hoverboards might be a little tough at first, but once trained, the self balancing board for kids is great fun Just like that!

Are they toys?

Yes, they are. Hoverboards are toys and fun to ride. But, they do have restrictions. The law of the jurisdiction might not permit to ride them in public. So, when you want to have fun, then know the law of the place. If you are fine, then get the best fun toy for kids from Swagtron.

The Best Pick

For most of the people, the Swagtron is the best hoverboard because it is UL-certified, least expensive and is available widely across the country. UL Certification means that it is safe to ride on the hoverboard and is perfectly safe for kids. Swagtron hoverboards are very easy to operate. The batteries are fire-proof and the chambers are made of aluminium. This has been designed so that any potential fire can be contained in case of battery failure. No wonder it has passed 19 UL tests.

Other than the UL tests, there were also many subjective tests made to evaluate the quality of the vehicle. Many users have found that the hoverboard showed no difference in performance when compared to the expensive ones. The ride, the comfort, the performance and the behaviour of the hoverboard was good, at an affordable price.

Swagtron hoverboards are also available in several colours so that your kids can chose their favourite colour of their choice. The pink hoverboard is cool for girls (cheaply priced). The weight of the hoverboard is around 22 pounds and the speed is 7 to 12 miles depending on the surface where you ride. The best thing about this toy is that it can support any person weighing between 44 to 220 pounds.

Another best pick is the Swagtron scooter. The best fun toy for kids: Swagtron Scooter is an exciting one and reaching destinations with it is very easy. It is an eco-friendly scooter and is motorized. The 250-watt motor, carbon fiber folding frame, Backlit LED display, LED headlight and the UL certified battery revolutionize the way you look at transportation. Zip to school with this Swagtron scooter.

Protecting the Body of Hoverboards

When kids start practising to ride a hoverboard, there certainly would be scratches and dents in the vehicle. A good durable skin for the hoverboard will protect it from the scratches and dents. There are also skins available with anti-slip properties for better grip. Other than the above benefits, they are also water resistant and protect the board from getting wet and getting corroded.

Want to be in the “Go Green” club? Buy a green hoverboard from Segway or get the best green hoverboard skins for your hoverboard.

Survivalist Knife

Survivalist Knives Are Your Everything In A Jungle

A Survival knife is exactly how it is pronounced and what it sounds – these are knives that help in your survival at any extremes. There are hundreds of uses and functions of these knives and it is like they travel with us in all the emergencies and necessities. To list a few, they can be used for:

* Self-defense, the major purpose

* Cutting, slicing, skinning

* As a First aid tool

* Hunting and tearing etc…

The list does not end here and it is only a few listed here to explain their versatility. There are many people who do not step a foot outside without these knives strapped to their hips for these can help them in all situations come what may. There are many types of these knives available and it is very important to make a selection from among them taking into consideration few features they promise to offer like:

* Size – size does not denote the size of the knife but of the blade in the knife. Bigger is not better here for smaller blades can effectively finish the job in one go. The situations in a jungle are very wild and you might need these knives for even the smallest of the necessities. In such cases a small blade is definite to extend a helping hand in cutting small tree logs simultaneously serving the bigger needs.

* There are two types of these blades- folding and fixed and among these two fixed ones are more durable and reliable when compared to the folding ones.

Survival knives by your side whether you are serving the border, on a camp or a trip with your family, are capable of turning around situations completely and are capable of changing a dreadful situation into a memorable and adventurous one. Such is the effect of these knives for they can help handle any disaster with ease though at the minimum level. The LMF II from Gerber is one such knives that can serve extremely well in emergency situations where self-defense is of utmost importance and priority. LMF will make good use for hunting too! (Gerber). The LMF knifes – top listed 2017 gives a variety to the customer to choose from the palette and all the listed names are the ones that have been put to test for their efficient working in saving the situation from going from bad to worse.

Kabar BK-2 is in no way less when compared to the above and this is also considered one of the most preferred options for both survival and camping. This knife has been put to use and tested for its efficiency in handling situations of any extreme and they have proved to be one of the best. Among the best tactical knives available the zero tolerance knives are considered one of the finest in today`s market. They are classics and come

with a perfect built with materials that are durable and hold tight and strong in all situations. cheap zero tolerance knifes – ONLINE is one of the best places to buy them.

Home Defense

The Perfect Guns

What makes a gun perfect? There are a few factors that one must consider before purchasing a gun. Not all guns will work for you. Not only does it have to work well, it must gel with your shooting style and your personality too. Even James Bond has his favourites when it came to firearms and ammo. There are many popular choices in the market that can your needs and requirements.

How to choose the right ammo?

* Why do you need a pistol? Is it for your defence or for hunting?

* What is the basic shoot point?

* What is the size that you have in mind?

* Do you intend to carry it around or keep it at home or office?

* What is the chamber caliber that you have in mind?

* Do you want a semi-auto or a revolver?

The purpose of purchasing a pistol is the first and foremost question to answer. Self defence guns are different from what you need if you were aiming for an animal. If you have never used a Glock before, you might have a high point-shoot location ( 6 – 10 inches). Practice can change it all.

The size plays a critical point to consider. Larger guns are said to have more accuracy when compared to the smaller ones. Larger guns have the disadvantage of being harder to conceal. If you are going for a stealth mission, ruger handguns would be ideal. A smaller pistol is ideal when you need to carry it on your person.

The Glock Pistol is more than 30 years old today. It was quite a sensation when first introduced. The fantastic polymer construction along with the safe action trigger were the key selling points of the gun. There are various calibers that have been introduced with the glock. The GLock 17 is still one of the most sold and most appreciated of them all.

Its unique features include strong lightweight frame, minimal maintenance, and its ability to be impervious to oil, water and most solvents. Sold with compatible accessories, it makes for a good buy.

The glock 17 gen 4 accessories include holsters, mag pouches, upgrades and apparels. The ProMag Glock 17 Magazine 17 is one of the most popular ones to make the sale. It is rated at 3 stars. The holster paddle made for the Glock 17 holds the tool in place and enables good portability.

Another question that people ask frequently, is that “is Glock 19 made of steel?

The Glock 19, which is effectively a Glock 17, only smaller; is called as the ‘compact’ by the manufacturer. The frame is made up of high strength polymer that is based on nylon. This plastic increases the durability. It also makes the Glock more resilient than most steel alloys. Steel axis pins hold the trigger and the slide catch.

The finish of the sig sauer 1911 scorpion is that of an alloy frame and stainless steel slide. It is a product that proves that close tolerances can equal complete reliability.


Solar panels – the clean way to generate energy for homes and industry

The technology of the future:

Have you ever thought what will happen when all the reserves of fossil fuel and other forms of gas is exhausted. Consider the fact that almost all of our industries run only on fuel and that we are so used to having continuous energy in our homes that it will be extremely difficult for us to even live a single day with a power outage.

Scientists world over have been warning that the day is not far away when the above horrific predictions will become a reality. As humans inch closely to the day when we may run out of the basic fuel needs, we have geared up for the challenges of the future by looking for and creating alternate forms of energy.

Needless to say these energies are cleaner and greener and a far cry from the traditional non renewable resources that we are so dependent on right now. One of the alternative ways is the use of Solar panels to absorb the solar energy directly from the sun and it is saved in photovoltaic cells to be used for running the various electrical and electronic appliances at home and in the industries as well.

200 watt solar panel:

One of the easiest ways to generate solar energy is by setting up a solar panel with a capacity of generating 200 watts of usable energy. The total energy output is of 12V considering that there is a nominal voltage output.

The cell efficiency is pegged at 18.8% to be precise. The panel is then connected with MC4 connectors to the solar panel and it is so easy to install. The frame is made of light weight aluminum and the glass is temper proofed and weather proofed to even endure the harshest of weather conditions. The panel is also quite cheap to procure from the market directly and can also be bought online.

Sun powered generators near me:

Okay, so a neighbor uses this solar generator which is now an envy of the neighborhood. Besides being extremely efficient, there is absolutely no noise coming from their home and best of all is there are no dangerous fumes affecting their own lungs but even the environment in general.

The neighborhood is so impressed with them and the technology that we are in the process of consulting with a company to enable our homes too with these generators!

What are the qualities of the best portable solar generator?

The generator has to be

1. Portable;

2. Easy to install;

3. Non expensive;

4. The spare parts must be easy to procure and repair;

5. The installation must not take too long;

6. The maintenance must be easy;

7. The generator must be durable and weather proof in all climates.

The efficiency of this technology for home power generation:

For our own living spaces, this technology is so important and apt that even if we consider using this clean source of energy for one third of our energy consumption, not only will we make a big positive difference in our total energy audit but make a world of difference to the better environment for our progeny.


SLR and DSLR cameras – The Pentax Review

The Official BlueSLR.com website is one of the better sites on the internet that will tell you all that you need to know about cameras. A camera is a big investment. Care must be taken before making heavy purchases such as SLR and DSLR cameras. Reading reviews and details about photography help deciding which brand and which model to purchase.

Pentax K1 review

The Pentax K1 is the first ever full frame DSLR offered by Ricoh. The designs are brilliant, the features, plenty. It provides images of great quality. The body of the camera is solid and weather-proof.


* Excellent quality images

* Great ergonomics

* Quality builds on the body

* Good performance

* Fast AF

* Works well under low light circumstances

* Wide range of sensitivity

* Bright viewfinder

* Inbuilt Wi-Fi and GPS


* The flash strobe is not inbuilt

* It is on the heavier side

* Start up is slow

* The battery life is not up to the mark

This camera is affordable and comfortable for usage. Being dust proof and weather proof, it is a good choice for purchase.

Pentax K3 review

The Pentax K3 has been receiving fairly good reviews so far. The anti-aliasing simulator is one of its most interesting features. This has a positive effect on the resolution. The other features include 24.4 mp, 3.2 inch LCD, dual SD card slots and ports for headphones and microphones. It also has a USB 3.0 support.


* Image quality is top-notch

* Compact body

* Good ergonomics

* Sensitivity range is broad

* Viewfinder and large and bright

* Dual card slots

* Optional Wi-Fi remote control

* Unique on-demand low-pass filtering


* The AE lock button is not located in a convenient spot

* The battery life is below average

* The battery grip accessories that are required for this model is different from the previous ones

* It has less 3rd party support when compared to some rivals

This model lets you choose between ultimate resolution and resistance to moiré. The shutter life of this model is double that of the predecessor. The image stabilization is improved. It has attracted attention because of its mechanical alternative to the optical low pass filter. The K3 series has proven to be a good upgrade and worth every penny.

Pentax Ks2 Review

This camera is an entry level camera which has yet to prove its worth. It has the following features

* 20-megapixel APS-C sensor

* Anti-shake OIS system

* ISO 100-51200


* Weather proof in nature

* In-body optical image stabilizing feature

* World class viewfinder

* Great ergonomics

* Intuitive twin controls dials

* Sharp images with clear details captured

* Decent burst speed

* ISO noise reduction


* Handgrip is fairly small

* Sluggish start up

* Options for movie mode are limited

* Slow WIFI transfer speeds

* Not a great battery

This model breaks new grounds when it comes to innovation. It forms several records making it an upcoming product that can be looked forward to.

3D Printing

The Best Filament for 3D Printing

The basic job of a 3D printer is to convert the digital data into 3D objects. If you are looking to buy a 3D printer, one of the first points to consider is the features of the printer and the second point is the filament used in the printer.

Features of a 3 D Printer

The main features that you need to ensure in a good 3D printer are:

a. Price: There are usually 2 types of printers available. Stereo Lithography (SLA) and Fused Filament Manufacturing (FFM).

i. FFM basically works with plastic filament which melts in the moving head to form the object as per the data provided in digital form.

ii. SLA is a more advanced technology wherein UV laser technology is used to create the objects. This laser ray hardens the resin to form the model.

It is seen that FFM is cheaper than SLA mainly due to its technology.

b. Size: Each printer has a different size (height, length and width) of the print bed in terms of cubic inches. So some of the printers can produce objects of larger dimensions while others make only smaller ones. You need to know what size you are looking at making out of the print and then choose your printer accordingly.

c. Quality & Quantity: Some 3 D printers can do the same job faster but the quality may be low. However others take more time and the quality could be better. The printing time depends on the quality requested for. So if you are seeking thicker layers for printing, it will obviously take more time to print and quantity will be less in the time you wish. One has to choose which suits best for you depending on the product you plan to print.

d. Material for Print: There are various materials you can print out of a 3D printer. You can print a TPE, ABS, Nylon, HDPE or PLA etc. Some materials come with colour options as well. You may have to check with the printer its compatibility with the relevant material. SLA uses resins to create the models whereas FFM uses filaments. FFM might have more options of materials to choose from than SLA.

To have a good quality of 3D printing, we need a good quality printer.

If you wish to have a look at some of the options of the 3D printers available in the market today, you can visit this link: http://www.3dprintingsupremacy.com/. Here, you can find main features of three printers and a good comparison amongst them as well.

And now, let us now look at some of the filaments.

What are the two main factors worth considering when you are buying a filament? It is mainly its Price and its Weight. Weight matters very much in terms of the product produced. And of course price factor is also equally important in terms of the price of the object. Here are some details mentioned for two of the most common filaments – PLA and ABS in terms of its weight and price:

* PLA Filament: It comes in different prices and weights.

o Large Spool: Weight of 0.9 kg starting at $ 48.

o Small Spool: Weight of 0.2 kg starting at $18.

o XL/XXL Spool: Starting at $ 115.

o Large 10 pack: Priced at $430.

o Small 10 pack: Priced at $160.

* ABS Filament: Also comes in different prices and weights.

o Large Spool: 1 kg starting at $43.

o Large 10 pack: Priced at $460.

You may also want to note that Markerbot ABS is the best filament for The buy makerbot filament Replicator 2X Experimental 3D Printer. You can buy markerbot filament when you are planning to buy your 3D printer.

However, sometimes people like to order Ninjaflex Semiflex filaments. There are some clear differences between Ninjaflex and Semiflex filaments.

NinjaFlex flexible 3D printing filament is very flexible and is made from a specially formulated TPU material

SemiFlex is stronger than NinjaFlex. But it is more rigid compared to the traditional NinjaFlex allowing for increased tensile strength.

Whichever filament you use, you must take into account its quality and price since this will count in the end when the final object is produced.


Barbeques And Grills To Reduce Your Energy Bills

Weber Original Kettle Review

It is worth spending money in the purchase of Weber Original Kettle KICK ASS BARBEQUE DOT COM not just for the brand and the name but for the best features they promise to offer. Weber is a very famous brand in the world of barbeques and is also known for its ready availability. One of their latest trending grills is the Weber original kettle which uses charcoal as its fuel.

Having a Weber product in your kitchen is itself a pride and when it is this grill, you can sure be very proud for they are one of the best in the market for their products and services. It’s time for george foreman’s outdoor grill. This specific type of kettle adorns both your cooking area inside the house as well as the garden cooking area and comes with a black enamel coating that makes its cleaning and maintenance very simple. But these types cannot be labeled as their top ranking grills for there are some niggles which needs to be straightened up. Some of them are:

* The lid that comes with the kettle needs to be placed separately in a different place when the grill is in use because there is no separate storage provided for it in the grill. There is only a small hook for hanging it which at many times does not serve the purpose at all.

* Though it is said that the accessories and covers for this type can be obtained easily, getting a spare part is very difficult. So be very careful while using this grill and avoid any damages or scratches on them for it might take a long for replacing them and at times you might find none too.

Dyna Glo Grill

Where can I find char-broil grill review(s) You can visit the KICKASSBBQ.com for getting the best reviews about the Dyna Glo Grill on the internet. For the price you pay, Dyna Glo grill satisfies all your expectations and needs from a grill. It is a solid grill that can cook food to satiate the needs of more than 6 people at a time. That`s a good number for a party. When this grill was put under test, it was found that it was able to cook 24 burgers at a time in just a few minutes. It just took 45 minutes to ignite the grates which is on an average a good timing. Though it cooks food evenly from all sides, the middle part gets the maximum heat which is a very common disadvantage in many of the top ranking grills.

Any best gas grills you know of? One major notable drawback with this type is that the grates are placed far from each other and hence trying to cook a patty or a hamburger is very difficult.

Though we have many grills in use widely, you might ponder as to which are the best electric grills outdoors? Here is a list for your convenience and best pick.

* Weber Q 140 electric grill

* Char broil patio bristo TRU infrared electric grill

* Aussie 9329Wdeluxe electric cart grill

* Cuisinart CEG 980 Outdoor grill

* Kalorik GRB32231-S barbeque grill

There might be many barbeques and grills in the market but buying one from the hands of Weber is definitely the best find. And out of them the Weber q 2400 is like the Rolls Royce of the many grills. It is of course going to be the costly device in your kitchen but it is worth paying for this charmer. There are many reviews and blogs where you can see people quoting that `Weber q 2400 is my favorite` and this is one best example weber gas grill reviews that are 100% honest that brings out the good benefits and features of this grill. This grill never compromises on quality or quantity and is sure to give you the best grilling and barbeque experience.


Uses Of Binoculars

There are many places where one cannot get close due to safety and security reasons. It could also be that there may be places which are not easily approachable by road. One can see these places by pictures taken by others, which is not so exciting than seeing with one’s own naked eye. Binoculars solve this problem by helping us see things that are far off with our naked eye as though we are near that place. Some of the example of scenarios where we need binoculars are

a) Wild life: For obvious safety reasons one cannot get very close to wild life. Hence they play an important role in seeing wild animals that are far off. This is especially good in wildlife safaris.

b) Bird watching: Some spots are exclusively habituated by birds. Birds would fly off when we get too close to them. Hence while visiting bird sanctuaries it is a must to have best bird watching binoculars.

c) Sport events: While watching sports events in an arena it becomes necessary to have sports binoculars

d) Ships: While going on a cruise in a ship or navigating a boat, marine binoculars are important to check how far a nearby boat is located and also see the navigation markings. It is also necessary to buy night vision binoculars if one is going to be in the sea at night.

The above are only some examples; there could be many more use cases where they are very useful. Hence before buying a binocular one has to be clear for what purpose they buy and also read reviews by users to find out the feedback. For example if one is planning for night trip on a ship then one has to check all the Night Vision Reviews before buying a suitable night vision binocular.

It is also important to buy the best binoculars for the money as one could easily be cheated online. There are many people who write reviews and there are many websites that host reviews by users. There are easily available at a single click.

Many ecommerce sites as well provide user feedback along with the product they sell. Hence it is not a big deal to get reviews. However one has to be clear on the purpose and budget before reading reviews as one can easily get lost in thousands of reviews and return only as a confused buyer without buying anything useful.